History is Herstory, Too
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History for girls using dolls to tell the stories in a manner that will fascinate while bringing history to life as "her stories," too. Programs will be adapted to local history and events. For more information, Email katieh@pld for prices and program suggestions.
Program price varies according to mileage, number
of programs in a day and whether or not
clothing sales are allowed.

Program excerpt:
Rachel's Story
Orphan Trian Girl
She had a name--it was Rachel--but all they ever called her was Orphan Train Girl. While her new nickname hurt, it wasn't as bad as before.
Rachel was born in New York City. Her mother died five years later when her baby sister was born. She and her brothers and sister were put in a foundling home because her father couldn't care for them while he worked. The home was crowded.
The stale air was worse than the stale air at her old tenement home. There was no one else here that she knew. She missed her best friends Katie and Jane.  Children slept in big rooms in bunks according to their ages This meant that she never got to see her baby sister or her older brothers.She missed her brothers--she even missed the way her big brothers used to pick on her and tease her until her mother would tell them, "Leave Rachel alone.  Why don't you go outside and play?"  She missed her little sister. Oh, how she had looked forward to holding her and helping Mama take care of baby Hannah. Most of all, she missed Mama and Papa. She often wondered how she could feel so lonely when she was surrounded by other children all the time...

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Juana and Morning Bird Sing's Santa Fe Trail story.
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